frequently asked questions

Q: Did the prices change with the new ownership?

A: No! We have not adjusted any prices or changed any products. We have only expanded the products we offer.

Q: What are your hours?

A: Monday - Thursday from 8am to 10pm, Friday & Saturday from 8am to 11pm and Sunday from 8am to 9pm.

Q: What types of cakes do you offer?

A: We have regular cake, layered ice cream cake and full ice cream cake. Customers can choose from any of our flavors for cake. A round cake serves 6-8 people. A half sheet serves 8-10 people and a full sheet serves 12-15 people. We also offer pies that serve about 6 people, which can be made from any of our ice cream or frozen yogurt.

Q: Do you offer non-dairy products?

A: Yes! We have sorbet and sherbet as well as our famous fronanas. We will also be serving vegan soft serve and ice cream by the end of May.

Q: Do you take Apple Pay?

A: We do!

Q: What is your allergen policy?

A: Food safety is a top priority for us. Some of our products do contain allergens. We employ special handling and sanitation procedures in order to manage allergens. We have food-certified staff and employees are trained to avoid cross-contamination and we use separate scoopers for anyone with a nut allergy.

Q: What kinds of cones do you offer?

A: We have sugar cones, cake cones, pointy cake cones and waffles cones. We also have chocolate cake cones and sprinkle-covered sugar and waffle cones!

Q: Do sugar cones have gluten?

A: No, they are certified gluten-free by The Celiac Sprew Association.

Q: Do sugar cones contain eggs?

A: Yes, they are made with flour, salt, eggs, sugar, butter and milk.

Q: What kind of ice cream do you carry?

A: We currently carry Thomas Sweet and Hershey’s. We are soon going to also carry vegan ice cream.

Q: How old is the store?

A: It is thirty (30) years old.

Q: Is this store part of the Sprinkles Cupcakes chain?

A: No, we are a one-of-a-kind, local shop.

Q: Where are you located?

A: Next to PNC Bank, around the corner from Rite Aid in Potomac Village.

Q: Can I bring my dog into the store? Do you sell dog ice cream?

A: Yes, we welcome your furry friends. We offer Pup Cups (vanilla frozen yogurt) which is dog-friendly and is quite popular among our fluffy customers.

Q: How many flavors do you have?

A: We have 42 flavors of ice cream.

Q: Do you have fat free or sugar free options?

A: We have both fat free and sugar free frozen yogurt options. We change flavors weekly or biweekly for frozen yogurt, but we keep Chocolate, Vanilla, Oreo and Cookies and Cream.

Q: Do you cater?

A: Yes, we cater in the National Capital region.

Q: What catering services do you offer?

A: We are delighted to provide a variety of services and can supply everything from ice cream to cups and cones, spoons and scoopers, custom cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, cookies and cookie sandwiches. We offer donut walls for parties or candy bars. We can offer full service or self serve. We also offer bagels and cream cheese with a selection of donuts for office events. For office events, we can offer 3-4 flavors of ice cream. We also make wedding cakes.

Q: How long does an ice cream cake last?

A: Ice cream cakes can last up to ten (10) days if frozen properly.

Q: Do you support nonprofit organizations or local schools via donations?

A: Yes. We are a family-owned store that is proud to support our local community. We participate in many events supporting non-profits and local organizations every year. Please contact for more information.

Q: Is your ice cream kosher?

A: All of our products are kosher.

Q: Do you sell products other than ice cream or soft serve?

A: Yes! We sell a variety of baked goods, candy and merchandise like napkins, mugs, party favors and plates.